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Xi have strong experience and competency in other transportation areas including rapid transit systems, and rail noise assessments. Xi produce work in line with the UK established reference documentation, produced by the Department of Transport, for the prediction and monitoring of railway noise is Calculation of Rail Noise Memorandum (CRN). This memorandum was produced in 1995 and supplements The Noise Insulation Regulations 1996. Like the Noise Insulation Regulations for roads (1988), these Regulations were used to provide some form of compensation to adversely affected property owners and residents, as a result of a new or altered railway scheme. Xi Engineering Consultants are able to carry out full assessments in accordance with CRN. This includes the monitoring and modelling of railway schemes. We can also provide mitigation solutions which include barrier design and installation of sound insulation as specified in the Specification contained in the Regulations.

Xi are capable of undertaking all remits of monitoring including demolition & construction, or baseline monitoring of noise and vibration to aid any planning process or procedure related to the appropriate standard.