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The team at Xi have extensive experience in working on Managed Motorway (MM) schemes (formerly termed Active Traffic Management (ATM)). The client was the Highways Agency. Managed Motorway schemes are improvement schemes promoted by the Highways Agency, which are designed to reduce traffic congestion on the existing highway network.

Congestion in its simplest term is when traffic movement on a road changes from free flowing, to a build-up of idling vehicles. Traffic congestion improvement schemes, amongst other things, can include using the hard shoulder as a running lane (this is termed Hard Shoulder Running or HSR) with variable speed control, in periods of high congestion. Xi Technical Director Samuel Miller headed up a team of acoustic consultants comprising of three independent consultancies - Mouchel, Jacobs and Waterman - to deliver all acoustic elements of the scheme.

Samuel was instrumental in the early development of a more robust methodology to assess these types of schemes; this work was reviewed by the Highways Agency and hopefully will contribute to the future Design Manual for Roads and Bridges to be produced to improve the quantification and impacts associated with traffic congestion relieving type schemes.