Xi’s extensive experience covers a wide range of industry sectors.  As each problem is unique, a thorough understanding of relevant science and engineering disciplines is required in order to diagnose the problem and develop a solution. Examples of Xi's work in different sectors can be found below.


As technology advances fuel savings can be achieved through upgrading existing fleets to the latest equipment. One such area of study is in vessel propellers with newer more efficient designs providing substantial savings in operational fuel costs.

Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing

Industrial engineering and manufacturing processes strive for optimum efficiency to maximise productivity with minimum risk. Xi Engineering Consultants have solved problems on all scales of industrial processes, whether the motivation arises from large forces that occur during plant operating conditions or long term fatigue of continual running.

Wind Farms

Noise from wind turbines is produced by the blades cutting through the air and by the machinery in the turbine used to generate electricity. The noise generated by the blade cutting though the air results in the characteristic swish-swish noise that can be heard when you are very close to a wind turbine, but tends to be masked by background noise at greater distances.


Xi Engineering Consultants have strong experience and competency in other transportation areas including rapid transit systems, and rail noise assessments. Xi produce work in line with the UK established reference documentation, produced by the Department of Transport, for the prediction and monitoring of railway noise is Calculation of Rail Noise Memorandum (CRN).


The team at Xi Engineering have extensive experience in working on Managed Motorway (MM) schemes (formerly termed Active Traffic Management (ATM)). The client was the Highways Agency. Managed Motorway schemes are improvement schemes promoted by the Highways Agency, which are designed to reduce traffic congestion on the existing network.