Buildings & Structures

Vibration can be an issue for the building itself, the building occupants, sensitive equipment installed in the building, or of course a combination of all of these.  Following guidelines and legislation Xi can offer advice and assistance in all of these areas.
From large scale structurally damaging vibration to small vibration that may lead to discomfort of occupant or interfere with the operation of sensitive equipment such as microscopes, Xi can offer advice on:
  • Tuned Mass Dampers for tall buildings
  • Isolation of vibrating equipment from the structure
  • Isolation of the building from proximity to nearby vibration sources such as roads and railways.
  • Building response to natural loading, wind, seismic, human generated
  • "Evaluation and measurement for vibration in buildings" BS 7385: Part 2: 1993
  • “Human Response to Vibration in Buildings” BS 6472-1:2008
  • BS 5228 Code of Practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites
  • Noise and acoustic support for buildings (Bulletin 93)
Whether you require vibration measurements to assess structures or foundations to quantify against standards, or you require assistance modelling designs to ensure suitability, Xi engineers can assist.  Xi’s methodology has been applied on a wide range of sites including clean rooms, laboratories containing optical lasers and other delicate equipment, medical operating rooms, sites with heavy plant and machinery, residential and commercial building.  
Contact our engineering team to find out more or for more infomation about our structural vibration work, you can download our tech brief here:

Typical Building and Structures Standards

  • BS 6472 : Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings

  • BS 5720 : Mechanical Ventilation and air conditioning in buildings

  • BS 7385 : Evaluation and measurement of vibration in buildings

  • SCI P354 : Design of floors for vibration: A new approach (Revised edition), 2009

  • ISO 4866 : Mechanical Vibration and Shock - Vibration of Fixed Structures