Ground Borne Vibrations

Vibration problems are commonplace for structures in close proximity to trains, subways and road networks. This often causes structural damage, vibration induced noise nuisance and may even prevent structures from being built.

With regulations surrounding the impact of structural vibration on buildings and their occupants becoming more rigorous, Xi are key partners in both planning and project management. With our extensive experience of providing dynamic analysis and modelling we are able to ensure the work is completed both efficiently and successfully with the outcome of a positive solution to any vibration issue.

Building vibration can be induced externally from the surrounding environment such as wind, earthquake and seismic activity or internally, such as machinery and human activity and footfall.  These vibrations can then be an issue for the building itself, for building occupants, for sensitive equipment installed in the building, or of course a combination of all of these. Xi can offer advice and solution assistance in all of these areas in order to meet or exceed published guidelines and legislative requirements .

Xi's capabilities and services include -

  • On-site measurements of current vibration
  • Technical support in order to comply with Human Response to Vibration in Buildings  BS 6472-1:2008
  • "Evaluation and measurement for vibration in buildings" BS 7385: Part 2: 1993
  • ASHRAE Vibration Design Criteria for Buildings
  • Dynamic analysis of vibration levels in line with legislation
  • Dynamic modelling of rail vibration, local geology, foundation design and construction plans
  • Evaluation of potential mitigation options
  • Project management and liaison between stakeholders
  • Solution modelling, design and implementation management
  • Post completion measurement, verification and review with regulators

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