Vessels & Ships

The Xi team has a wealth of experience of working with marine equipment on a variety of projects including modification of drive systems, engine mountings and the introduction of monitoring equipment during manufacture to ensure tolerances are met.

In the marine sector several unique vibration problems exist such as wave interference, hull slap and improved sound propagation through water to name a few. This is often compounded by light weight structures and designs which are particularly prone to issues of vibration, within a harsh environment. Specific condition monitoring systems can be of particular benefit to marine equipment. In very light weight performance designs, such as composite based racing yachts, strain and vibration sensors can be employed to great effect to report on the structures state and to ensure it is operating within acceptable levels.

Xi have developed new methods  for calculating and mapping the acoustic output from devices in the marine environment, generating 3D sound maps that take into account seabed bathymetry - a valuable tool for assessing the acoustic output and detectability of vessels, ships and other marine equipment.

Whatever your marine vibration issue, at Xi we have both the expertise and experience to provide dynamic analysis of the problem and a subsequent solution to deal with it.

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