Wind Turbine Noise and Vibration 

Xi has extensive experience in providing noise and vibration solutions for mega-watt-scale wind turbines. Using sophisticated analysis and modelling techniques we are able to assess turbine structures, vibration transmission paths and operational characteristics in order to alleviate problems and minimise potential future costs.

Xi have a wealth of experience in evaluating unexpected and unwanted noise and vibration from all scales of wind turbine from single kW to multi MW.  In addition to this, vibration measurement can be a valuable tool in assessing the turbine’s operating condition.  Xi can assess vibration characteristics allowing performance to be monitored and - where unexpected events are detected - trigger a service alarm or even full system shutdown can be activated to ensure complete safety.

Xi's capabilities and services include - 

  • Noise & Vibration monitoring, surveys & analysis
  • EIA Environmental Impact Assessment (Noise and Vibration chapter)
  • Tonal Noise mitigation
  • Tuned Mass Dampers and Absorbers (TMDs and TMAs)
  • Measurement and analysis to IEC61400-11 and ETSU-97
  • Solution design & implementation
  • Condition monitoring
  • Independent verification
  • Warranty issues and resolution
  • Acoustic output modelling and prediction
  • Dynamic modelling
  • Aeroelastic load measurement and modelling 
  • Expert Witness
  • Tower and mast evaluation
  • Acoustic output mapping and prediction
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Wind Turbine Noise Measurement

Tonal and Broadband Noise Mitigation

Working across the wind turbine market on various projects has given the team at Xi a unique knowledge of wind turbine systems and their characteristics.  In recent years Xi have been developing advanced solutions to problematic tonal noise issues.  These issues can arise for many reasons tower and blade resonance interactions, gearbox and even permanent magnetic drive vibrations can cause unexpected and challenging tonal noise concerns.  Xi has experience in providing understanding as to the nature of these issues and importantly providing effective solutions.

Specialist and Safe Measurement Methods

Our engineering team at Xi have worked on a wide variety of wind turbines and are certified for working at heights.  In addition our team have offshore qualifications and so no turbines are out of bounds!  A major challenge of wind turbine measurement is how to do it safely, taking operational measurements with the turbine running but ensuring no personnel are put at risk.  Xi have developed a unique measurement method that allows us to fully record a wind turbines dynamics during operation whilst all personal are safely at ground level and not exposed to moving machinery.  Xi can also deploy the latest in long range laser vibrometry, this allows us to measure the turbine without evening accessing or turning off the system down, removing costly shutdowns.

Read more about tonal noise solutions, our measurement methods and laser vibromtry here:


Tuned Mass Damping for Wind Turbines

One example of Xi’s expertise is our patented Seismically Quiet Tower (SQT); a hardware solution we originally created for seismic issues that had presented themselves at the Eskdalemuir Seismic Array. The SQT can be retro-fitted to operational turbines as well as integrated during the tower construction phase. It can be easily adapted for any tower height and power capacity. No matter what the vibration issue, we are able to find a solution to help solve the problem.

Amplitude Modulation

AM noise, or Amplitude Modulation is a complex issues.  More and more work is taking place to research and understand the pulsing and rhytmic noise emissions that are sometimes reported from wind turbine installations.  Our engineers can provide specialist analysis for AM Noise are using their experience and knowledge of wind turbine acoustics and dynamics to model and assess the phenomena with a view to developing mitigation methods.

Small & Medium Wind Turbines 

Smaller scale wind turbines will often be situated closer to areas of higher density population, making it all the more important for the device to operate, quietly, free from vibration, and safely.

Smaller building mounted systems often seem an attractive proposition however, based upon our experience, vibration transmission into the building should be a serious consideration for any architect, designer, or structural engineer as modern light-weight steel structures are highly prone to transmitting vibration resonances.  Xi can assess proposals for roof top mounted system and offer advice as to their suitability considering the building’s end use and based on the legislation Human Response to Vibration in Buildings BS 6472-1:2008.  Xi have resolved issues of building mounted systems by designing isolation systems minimising problem vibrations being exposed to the building.

Xi's capabilities and services include -

  • Advice on building mounted systems to BS 6472-1:2008
  • Custom isolation mounting systems
  • Fault detection and condition monitoring

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Typical WInd Tubine Standards

  • VDI 3834 Measurement and evaluation of the mechanical vibration of wind energy turbines and their components

  • IEC 61400 : Wind turbines