Archive February 2016

Using Simulation Software To Decide Where to Put a Wind Farm

Wind turbines are popping up all over the planet. From massive offshore wind farms to single turbines, the choice of where to put these structures, and how to optimise their power output, is based on a vast range of variables. Find out what Xi are doing to help plan sites with respect to noise.

ICOE 2016 comes to Edinburgh

The International Conference on Ocean Energy 2016 is coming to Xi Engineering’s home town of Edinburgh this week. The team at Xi will be making the short walk from their offices nearby to find out about the latest technology and developments within the sector.

Reactec Launches New Wearable HAV Monitoring System

Congratulations to Reactec who recently launched their HAVWEAR wrist-borne vibration meter. Hand-arm vibration syndrome is an industrial injury caused by continuous use of vibrating hand-held machinery. The HAVWEAR is an important health and safety tool that calculates real-time HSE vibration exposure points to inform the wearer of their exposure to vibration produced by hand tools.