Archive March 2017

Massachusetts Revise Wind Turbine Tonal Noise Standards

Xi Engineering Consultants have been using their knowledge in wind turbine acoustics to assist clients in Massachusetts with revision to noise regulations regarding tonal noise for wind farms. In the state of Massachusetts noise is a public health concern that falls within the scope of authority for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) as a form of regulated air pollution.

Scottish Government Draft Energy Policy

Xi Engineering actively work in the energy sector assisting clients with their crucial projects and developments. Our work on Eskdalemuir is specifically referenced in the draft Onshore wind Policy statement and we would ask you to contact us and raise any points you have regarding the document.

Wind Turbine Tonal Noise

A tone is a narrow frequency of sound that is prominent against the neighbouring broadband noise. The tone itself does not require a lot of energy relative to the surrounding broadband noise before it can be picked up by the human ear. It is for this reason that turbines with a tonal noise emission have been given penalties on the acceptable noise emission threshold from the device. In turn this can often lead to curtailment and even shutdown of the turbine.

Amplitude Modulation Noise from Wind Turbines

In 2015 the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) teamed up with a group of industry professionals and the UK Institute of Acoustics (IoA) to produce a comprehensive review of Amplitude Modulation (AM) noise emitted by wind turbines. AM noise from wind turbines adds an additional sound characteristic to the normal wind turbine noise and is known to cause increased annoyance to nearby communities and receptors.

Onshore Wind Policy Statement

Published in January 2017 the Scottish Government’s Onshore Wind Policy Statement directly references Xi Engineering Consultants report that was produced on behalf of the Eskdalemuir Working Group. 'Seismic vibration produced by wind turbines in the Eskdalemuir region Release 2.0 of Substantial Research Project'