Archive June 2018

What the noise of penguin chatter looks like

The team at Xi Engineering recently had the opportunity to put an acoustic camera into action at Edinburgh Zoo. Using the Norsonic Nor 848A model, the camera was assembled at the Zoo’s penguin enclosure. A series of images were obtained, providing what we think you will agree is a fascinating insight into the sounds penguins make when communicating with one another and also their zookeeper!

Improve Wind Turbine Noise Through Best Practice Method

Wind turbines in the correct location are an amazing producer of renewable energy which helps us deliver the necessary electrons that modern life requires. However, on occasion a turbine's situation and characteristics can lead to noise complaints. This is where Xi can help. The team of engineers enjoy finding solutions which allow the generation of renewable energy with minimal impact. Xi have produced an info-graphic which can be used as a tool in making the navigation of these issues clearer.