Dr Brett Marmo to guest lecture at the IMechE on the topic of Eskdalemuir

Published: 13/10/2014

Seismic Effect of Wind Turbines

14 October 2014 19:00 - 21:00 

Xi Engineering Consultants Technical Director Dr Brett Marmo will be this year's first guest lecturer at the Edinburgh & South East Area IMechE's lecture program.  The event will take place at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh and is free to attend.  So please come along if you wish to find out more about Eskdalemuir - a name already familier with most in the UK wind industry, and why it's important for Wind Industry and the Mininistry of Defence (MoD).  More information can be found on the IMechE's event pages



Eskdalemuir in the Dumfries and Galloway is the home of a seismic array that is used to listen for clandestine nuclear weapons tests. The surrounding Southern Uplands also have the potential to be an extremely valuable wind energy resource. In 2004 the wind energy industry and the Ministry of Defence came into conflict when it was realised that wind turbines produce ground vibrations that reduce the ability of the UK to detect nuclear tests with the seismic array.  A ban was placed on wind turbines within 80 km of Eskdalemuir resulting in the exclusion of gigawatts of wind energy.  There followed horse trading, politicking, development of mitigation measures and public inquiries that eventually led earlier this year to a mathematical model that will allow the maximisation of wind energy exploitation in the Southern Uplands without interfering with  the UK’s ability to detect nuclear tests.