Xi Featured on Front Cover of COMSOL News 17

Published: 13/07/2017


Xi are very proud to have been featured on the front cover of COMSOL News 2017. COMSOL, a provider of software solutions for multiphysics modelling, simulation, and application deployment, has published the latest edition of COMSOL News. The 2017 issue of the company’s annual multiphysics magazine presents how engineers and researchers achieve optimal design through company-wide collaboration enabled by simulation apps.

The article has come as a result of Xi Engineering's (Xi's) contributions to the product development and design optimisation of new High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) Transducers used to produce the Sonoma Model One headphone. You can read the full article in the COMSOL News 2017 here.

The HPEL Transducer is a patented technology, originally designed by Warwick Audio Technologies (WAT) for the high end audio market. Xi have working closely with WAT during the development of their novel, lightweight laminate membrane for use with electrostatic headphones.

Experts in transducer Development, Warwick Audio Technologies had a desire to accelerate their technical development to remain ahead of the competition. To speed up the development and reduce prototyping costs Warwick Audio engaged Xi for the modelling and design optimisation of their transducer. As a Certified COMSOL® Consultant organisation, Xi were a great match for WAT's needs and began helping to develop the complex multiphysics models in early 2016.

"The team at Xi Engineering have been superb, they have deep expertise and helped to unpick the complexity of our product”
- Martin Roberts CEO Warwick Audio Technologies

Dr Brett Marmo, Technical Director of Xi, oversaw the development of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software models used in the design and analysis of the HPEL Transducers. The computational models helped WAT and Xi characterise and predict the non linear distortion in the speaker’s performance and design out areas or lower performance both mechanically and electrically.

Xi provided WAT with custom software which allowed their engineers to tweak different design parameters in order to optimize overall performance. Ultimately, they were able to predict the spikes in the frequency response of the speaker and smooth out the signal for better fidelity. Xi created COMSOL Applications for WAT, allowing them to remotely change design parameters and run their own simulations. To find out more about Xi's modelling capabilities click the link here.

“The simulation results were astoundingly close to the physical measurements. That was probably the most exciting aspect, seeing the simulation come to life and knowing it was giving us an accurate picture of how the speaker would perform.”
- Dan Anagnos CTO Warwick Audio Technologies 

Providing Warwick Audio with their custom software has been a pleasure – it allows their team to integrate our models seamlessly into their development process and the recognition of the projects success on the front page says it all. 

 If you have any quesitons about our modelling and product development capabilities feel free to contact us here.



Brett Marmo, Technical Director, Xi Engineering Consultants

Dr. Brett Marmo received his PhD from the University of Melbourne for his work studying glacial movement in Antarctica. He has numerically modelled the behaviour of a wide range of solids, including metamorphic processes in rocks and the sliding friction on ice for winter Olympic sports. He’s also published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and won awards from the International Sports Engineering Association. Dr. Marmo is currently the technical director at Xi Engineering Consultants. His focus is modelling the noise and vibration associated with the design and assessment of renewable energy devices, consumer goods, marine engineering, and residential buildings.