Xi to Present Peer Reviewed Paper on Tonal Noise Mitigation from Wind Turbines

Published: 12/07/2017

Xi are pleased to announce that Dr Jutta Stauber of Xi Engineering Consultants (Xi) will be presenting her peer reviewed paper at the ICSV24 conference in London this month. Jutta's paper, Tonal Noise Mitigation on Wind Turbines, comments on the effectiveness of different damping solutions for reducing tonal acoustic emissions from wind turbines. The paper is based on acoustic and vibration data collected by Xi  before and after the installation of damping materials on wind turbines.

Dr Stauber will be speaking in plaza 1 on Tuesday as 11:40am till 12:00pm, at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. She will be explaining the cause and effect of tonal noise from wind turbines as well as the regulatory acoustic penalties placed onto turbines with tonal noise emission. Two types of broadband mitigation solutions will be discussed as well as the measurement and modelling required to determine the effectiveness of each solution. Finally Jutta will finish off by showcasing the results from field tests completed by Xi, where we have successfully reduced the tonal noise emissions from wind turbines.


Dr Brett Marmo will also be presenting at ICSV at 14:00-14:20 on Thursday in plaza 10. To find out more about Dr Marmo's paper click the link here.

The graphs show that a 350 Hz tone is seen in the acoustic data and vibration data. Dr Staubers paper highlights how Xi target these problem tones to reduce tonal noise emissions 


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