Xi's Latest Sound Mitigation Technology at Wind Turbine Noise 2017

Published: 04/05/2017

Xi are looking forward to attending and presenting at the biennial international conference on Wind Turbine Noise in Rotterdam this week. 

This will be the second time Xi have presented our solutions at the conference organised by INCE-Europe. We look forward to seeing our industry colleagues and sharing our latest technical development in the mitigation of turbine noise. The conference brings together multiple disciplines to discuss wind turbine noise from how it is generated to its effect on neighbours. 

Dr Jutta Stauber will be presenting results from simulation and data gathered from Xi’s solutions that have been deployed in the field. If you are attending Wind Turbine Noise 2017 please come and see Xi at our event stand. 


Noise from a "native" unmodified turbine and equivelant data from a tower fitted with Xi's noise reduction technology