What’s happening in the world of engineering?

Below you’ll find a series of articles that are pertinent to our company and the engineering industry. If you are interested in Xi submitting an article for publication please contact our Managing Director, Dr Mark Paul Buckingham

Scottish Government Draft Energy Policy

Xi Engineering actively work in the energy sector assisting clients with their crucial projects and developments. Our work on Eskdalemuir is specifically referenced in the draft Onshore wind Policy statement and we would ask you to contact us and raise any points you have regarding the document.

Wind Turbine Tonal Noise

A tone is a narrow frequency of sound that is prominent against the neighbouring broadband noise. The tone itself does not require a lot of energy relative to the surrounding broadband noise before it can be picked up by the human ear. It is for this reason that turbines with a tonal noise emission have been given penalties on the acceptable noise emission threshold from the device. In turn this can often lead to curtailment and even shutdown of the turbine.

Amplitude Modulation Noise from Wind Turbines

In 2015 the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) teamed up with a group of industry professionals and the UK Institute of Acoustics (IoA) to produce a comprehensive review of Amplitude Modulation (AM) noise emitted by wind turbines. AM noise from wind turbines adds an additional sound characteristic to the normal wind turbine noise and is known to cause increased annoyance to nearby communities and receptors.

Onshore Wind Policy Statement

Published in January 2017 the Scottish Government’s Onshore Wind Policy Statement directly references Xi Engineering Consultants report that was produced on behalf of the Eskdalemuir Working Group. 'Seismic vibration produced by wind turbines in the Eskdalemuir region Release 2.0 of Substantial Research Project'

Xi to present NASA Tech Brief on January 25th 2017

Xi's Technical Director Dr. Brett Marmo will be presenting a NASA Tech Brief and demonstrating how Xi utilise COMSOL Multiphysics to create a more streamlined and interactive design processes for our clients. Xi have been listed as Certified COMSOL Consultants for many years and have been working with a large number of clients to help overcome complex engineering issues.

COMSOL are Hosting Xi's Online Tutorial Video

Since the introduction of COMSOL's web based application, the team at Xi have been working closely with COMSOL to utilise this new online, web-accessible version of their multi-physics simulation software. The system allows our clients control of their models without the years of experience necessary to construct them. Murray Snaith, one of Xi’s project engineers, has created a video tutorial showing how the process works.

Xi WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

Xi will be at the Wind Energy conference in Hamburg this September. We will be showcasing some of the innovations we have been bringing to the wind sector as part of the Scottish Development International stand at Hall B2, GF, Stand 237.20. Xi will also be bringing our own Xi beer which will be available for a tasting on Wednesday 28th at 5pm.

Congratulations Jutta!

Congratulations to Dr. Jutta Stauber one of our bright engineers. In 2016 Jutta has been nominated as a finalist for this year's Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Awards, and has now also completed her Environmental Noise Measurement course in association with the Institute of Acoustics.

Using Simulation Software To Decide Where to Put a Wind Farm

Wind turbines are popping up all over the planet. From massive offshore wind farms to single turbines, the choice of where to put these structures, and how to optimise their power output, is based on a vast range of variables. Find out what Xi are doing to help plan sites with respect to noise.

ICOE 2016 comes to Edinburgh

The International Conference on Ocean Energy 2016 is coming to Xi Engineering’s home town of Edinburgh this week. The team at Xi will be making the short walk from their offices nearby to find out about the latest technology and developments within the sector.