Monitoring and Mitigation of Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbines to Protect Comprehensive Test Ban Seismic Monitoring Stations

Styles P., Westwood R.F., Toon S.M., Buckingham M.-P.,Marmo B., Carruthers B.

The first work which described the harmonic tonal nature of vibrations from windfarms was carried out at St Breock's Down, Cornwall, UK and is described in Legerton et al (1996) and more fully in Snow, and Styles (1997). This has since raised concerns about the possible effect of wind farms on sensitive installations. Styles et al (2005) describe an extensive monitoring programme to characterise the low frequency vibration spectra produced by wind turbines of various types, both fixed and variable speed. They demonstrated that small but significant harmonic vibrations controlled by the modal vibrations of the towers and excited by blade passing, tower braking and wind loading while parked, can propagate tens of kilometres and be detected on broadband seismometers.

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