Seismic vibrations from wind turbines and their effects on the seismometer array at Eskdalemuir

The CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation) IMS seismometer array station located at Eskdalemuir in Scotland has been operating since 1962. It is vital that the government and MoD safeguard the array from excessive seismic vibration noise. The presentation reviews the work undertaken by the EWG (Eskdalemuir Working Group) a cross government/industry group, in reviewing a vibration budget in relation to seismic vibration from wind turbines. The work outlines measurement analysis and modelling to develop an understanding of how wind turbines generate seismic waves. In turn this work was used to develop a model to predict seismic ground waves that could be used to refine and define the wind turbine exclusion and 50km consultation zone around the array.

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