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Building and room acoustics are vital to a comfortable living and working environment.  From conversational privacy in a busy office to peace and quiet in your home, Xi can help at all stages to design and measure acoustic performance for all spaces.

  • Acoustic Consulting
  • Council Planning Regulations
  • Noise Measurement and Analysis
  • Design and Noise Mitigation
  • Sound Insulation Testing
  • Change of Use Noise Report

Room Acoustic Surveys focus on how sound propagates in an individual room, while Building Acoustic Surveys considers how sound propagates through walls or ceilings. Xi Engineering is experienced in optimising sound propagation inside rooms, especially in acoustic-sensitive rooms such as music studios, classrooms, lecture theatres or offices.  Xi can assess spaces to minimise the impact of noise exposure on occupants, employees, noise sensitive rooms and neighbouring properties. Xi Engineering conducts noise impact assessment surveys in line with relevant standards such as the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, Approved Document E (ADE), and ISO 140. The measurements are used to diagnose sound propagation and sound paths (airborne and structural). Following measurement, or as part of the design phase, Xi Engineering can minimise or reduce noise through simulation models to designs solutions, to optimise sound quality, or minimise the noise exposures through sound insulation. Xi Engineering also oversees the installation of the solution and ensures that the chosen solution meets the objective.

Local authorities typically request plans to consider noise and acoustics for new build and change of use, particularly in the case of residentual to commercial licences.  Where there is potential for noise impact Xi can assist with the Acoustic Report to help facilitate smooth planning compliance.

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Acoustic Modelling of a workshop and adjacent meeting rooms