Environmental Impact Assessment

EIAs are a common requirement for new projects.  It is important to understand how any new development will interact with the environment or vice versa, how the existing environment will affect the new development.  Consideration should be made to noise and vibration during all phases of the project:demolition, construction, operation, and eventual decommission.  In some cases the impact of existing sources of noise and vibration, such as that from transport networks (roads, railways, airports), should be assessed and evaluated. 

Whether measuring and assessing the vibration effects of railways to noise impact from wind farms, Xi are happy to discuss your requirements.  

Where an existing EIA raises concerns over elevated noise or vibration levels, Xi can model and develop mitigation solutions.

Xi’s advanced modelling techniques allow 3D noise maps to be produced that can provide valuable information on Sound Pressure Levels and tonal noise properties showing exactly how noise is likely to propagate from a source to receivers.


Wind Turbine Noise

Our Wind Turbine page includes more details on our leading work in wind turbine acoustics.

Making Waves in Marine EIAs 

Xi have been extremely active in the newly emerging marine energy sector in developing technologies including 3D noise maps of marine environments to help answer the many questions surrounding new marine tidal and wave energy devices and how their acoustic output may propagate and affect marine life. 

Typical Environmental Acoustic and Vibration Standards

  • BS 4142 : Rating industrial noise 
  • BS 5228 : Code of practise for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites
  • ISO 9613 : Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors

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