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Xi Engineering Consultants is a sponsored Member of the Institute of Acoustics and are one of four UK COMSOL certified consultants. Our specialities includes Renewable Energy, Highway infrastructure (road and rail), construction and demolition noise, and Environmental Impact Assessments which can include the use of Department of Transports Design Manual for Roads and Bridges as part of the planning process for small developments or major transportation and civil engineering schemes. We have extensive experience in the prediction, measurement, calculation, appraisal assessment and mitigation of noise and vibration. Our holistic approach underpins client satisfaction.

Our specialists are also experienced in assessment methodology and guidance, including:

  • Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), at all stages
  • Transport analysis guidance (WebTAG)
  • Planning in the context of residential developments
  • Demolition and Construction assessments with regards to BS 5228: 2009 “Code of Practice for Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites” parts 1 and 2, “Noise” and “Vibration”
  • Windfarm Assessments to ETSU-97 (IOA Good Practice Guide)
  • BS 8233 assessments relating to Sound Insulation and noise reduction in buildings
  • School assessments in accordance with BB93


Acoustic Services include:

  • Route appraisal as part of the route selection process
  • Technical support for public consultation, technical appraisal reports and environmental assessments
  • Preparation and presentation of evidence and public inquiries
  • Statutory procedures in accordance with the requirements of the “Noise Insulation Regulations”
  • Construction issues including specification for noise and vibration control
  • Baseline Noise and Vibration surveys
  •  Noise and Vibration prediction using various modelling and simulation techniques
  • Assessment of noise and vibration impacts on residential, commercial and industrial receptors
  • Design and specification for implementation of mitigation measures



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