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Multiphysics modelling allows Xi to produce models that simulate noise emission from a modelled device.  By modelling vibrations from a source, through the structure to the objects surface, Xi can then model how those surface structural vibrations interact with the surrounding air.  This results in pressure waves in the air that are transmitted as sound from the object.  These multi-domain, multiphysics models are a powerful tool in predicting what a new device will sound like and whether steps should be taken to reduce the sound emission.  Likewise this process allows solutions that target problematic noises to be simulated and compared virtually before any costly real-world trials.

Wind turbines are an example that is well suited to this modelling approach, the large surface areas of the; blades, tower wall, and nacelle walls, act effectively as speakers when they are subjected to vibration.  By modelling the vibrations present in the system and their propagation to the acoustic domain Xi can develop targeted mitigation to reduce common problems such as tonality which negatively impact on sound assessments.

Acoustic output simulation of a wind turbine showing the near feild sound pressure levels (SPL) around the wind turbine.



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