Planning & Legislation

Be it vibration from power tools to subsea acoustic transmission from vessels and marine renewable it’s highly likely that a project will have to adhere to planning rules and regulations around some form of noise and or vibration legislation.  Unfortunately the legislation and legal requirements surrounding noise and vibration are often neglected or misinterpreted at the outset of a project.  Xi can assist with these issues allowing our clients to focus on delivering new  products and projects.  

From Human Response to Vibration in Buildings (BS 6472-1) to Hand Arm (HAV) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV), it is vital to consider how vibration might adversely impact your project.   In the field of Noise and Vibration legislation must be followed to ensure successful projects, such as that surrounding the acoustic design of schools (Bulletin-93) to the requirements for wind turbines which must follow the rules set out in IEC 61400-11 Ed3.