Isolation Specification and Design

Typically, the manufacturers of rotating or moving machinery will specify or supply suitable isolation for their equipment to prevent the transfer of vibration. However, in some instances where vibration isolators are not supplied, or the environment calls for a non-typical installation, it becomes necessary to reassess how the machinery should be mounted.

Simply mounting on rubber or “anti-vibration” feet is often not enough and can even result in exacerbating vibration problems.  Specifying the correct isolation is dependent on various factors including the speed(s) at which the machine runs or rotates, the mass of the machine and the stiffness of the support structures to which the machine is mounted. Xi do not produce isolation; rather we work with a range of suppliers allowing us to impartially design and specify the most effective isolation possible.

For more advanced cases or where issues have arisen following installation on new equipment, Xi engineers are able to undertake measurements and analysis to quantify and characterise the vibration signature of the machine.  Computer modelling and simulation can then even be used to trial and virtually test the range of solution options available.  This provides a cost-effective method to design and specify the most effective isolation systems possible.

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