Orbital Analysis

Orbital analysis is often used during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT tests) to determine whether a machine is operating within defined criteria.

Two displacement sensors measure the X and Y displacement of a shaft as it rotates while a key phasor or tacho measures the angular displacement of the shaft as it rotates.  These data are processed together to produce an orbital plot that provides a visual representation of the dynamics nature of machine rotation.

Orbit plots can show valuable information: is the shaft hitting the bearing; is the orbit highly elliptical in shape, does the orbit cross or forma figure of eight?  Seeing these effects allows problems to be identified and quickly resolved.  Even where a machine hasn’t been fitted with shaft displacement probes Xi can deploy temporary displacement sensor to any accessible points of a shaft to perform this analysis.  Orbital analysis can also be coupled with an optical rotational analysis allowing Xi to perform measured torsional vibration analysis.

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