Solution Partner

Our specialist team of engineers can help you to widen the capacity of our team while building your technological base. We will establish your project by working collaboratively with your team. We set up processes, procedures and infrastructure which will help us to leave a strong legacy within your organisation.

Often, we will work with clients through their first project or product lifecycle.  Once we have seen this through, we support your team while their knowledge matures and can act in an advisory or due diligence capacity.  This allows you to ensure you have solid foundations for the new branch of your team whilst keeping overheads low.  Our relationships often continue, when highly specialised support is needed.  Our team of experts is always on hand to work with our partners.

Should a busy or large project develop following the first projects, we are able to expand the capacity of your team to accelerate your delivery times.

Once your team is fully developed in house, we are available to support you with non-standard issues that may arise.

We enjoy working in partnership with our clients where we are able to dovetail our projects based on the previous work we have done.

Alternatively, should you not wish to build a team in house, we are also able to work as your flexible R&D team who can act as development team only during the necessary stages of your projects.  You can then call upon us when the next relevant stage commences.