Xi Engineering at COMSOL Day UK as guest speakers: The future of simulation

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Our Managing Director Dr Mark-Paul Buckingham will be sharing his in-depth knowledge of the industry as a key panel member at this year’s COMSOL Day UK. He will be sharing his views about the future of simulation and providing valuable information on how to accelerate research & development, solving complex engineering problems by applying advanced Multiphysics simulation and measurement techniques.

COMSOL Day | Xi Engineering | COMSOL Certified Consultant

Xi Engineering Consultants at COMSOL Day UK

COMSOL Certified Consultant | Xi Engineering

COMSOL Days are 1-day events for anyone considering using the COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to understand how it works and for existing users to be informed about the latest news.

Xi Engineering Consultants have adopted COMSOL since its inception. Since adopting COMSOL, Xi has continued pushing the boundaries of what is possible through simulation. We are one of only five certified COMSOL consultants in the UK and one of less than eighty worldwide. We work closely with the COMSOL technical development team and we often test new features and technics to push the software to its full potential. As superusers, we have been invited by COMSOL to join their annual COSMOL Day UK (online) to provide our views on the future of simulation and our insights of the industry.

COMSOL Electromagnetics | Electrical Generation Products | XI Engineering
Electromagnetics are a key feature for many of our clients producing novel transportation systems or electrical generation products. COMSOL has six modules that allow Xi to cover all aspects of electromagnetics. (AC/DC Module, RF Module, Wave Optics Module, MEMS Module, Plasma Module, and Semiconductor Module.) 

By attending the COMSOL Day UK (Online) all attendees will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how Multiphysics simulation can benefit their work through presentations covering a variety of physics and modelling topics. The attendees will also be able to discuss with Dr Mark-Paul Buckingham their simulation needs and how to accelerate their design process. To find out more about our work and our modelling capabilities you can read our recent COMSOL case studies.

Join us online for COMSOL Day UK and listen to experts in the field of simulation, engage in product demonstrations and ask questions.

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