Having created the market for personal vibration monitoring devices, customers requested a lower cost device which was simpler to deploy. This resulted in Reactec taking the bold step of moving measurement from tool to the individual. Optimising battery life and measurement performance was crucial to the success of the device.


To both optimise battery life and accurately capture the vibration measurement, Xi determined the vibration transmissibility of the human hand and arm. Based on this, understanding battery life was optimised based on a sensitivity analysis performed by Xi to optimise processer power and measurement accuracy.

Skill Sets Used
  • Shaker table testing and measurement
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Numerical analysis
  • Algorithm sensitivity analysis and optimisation
Xi’s Role
  • R&D resource
  • Independent verification
Client Benefits
  • Optimisation of battery life through algorithm optimisation
  • Clarification of development targets
  • Independent verification of device capabilities

“As a high growth investment backed innovative company Reactec have developed an excellent inhouse R & D capability. We compliment this by periodically engaging XI to help us perform mathematical analysis and to independently verify our developments, allowing us to optimise our product and drive down our time to market.”

Jacqui McLaughlin
Reactec CEO