Improve Wind Turbine Noise Through Best Practice Method

Xi Engineering

In recent times, despite installed turbines having met stipulated noise levels under planning, ‘nuisance noise’ cases have still been raised. This has promoted a drive to improve the acoustic emissions of devices already in the field.

The complex nature of acoustics means that Nuisance Complaints resulting from wind turbines can be difficult to deal with. The many potential interested parties, which can include owners, local authorities, developers, manufacturers and those in close proximity to the site, can make it a challenging situation to manage.

Xi have decades of experience working across the wind industry and have resolved issues on behalf of owners, operators, manufacturers, individuals and regulatory bodies.

This work has given Xi a unique perspective into resolving ‘nuisance noise’ issues. Based on our extensive experience, the team at Xi has created a step by step info-graphic to help guide you through the process. The guide shows the critical steps, types of criteria and standards which should be considered when assessing a turbine.