Characterise structural vibrations to identify and break vibration pathways

Achieve successful planning and design with compliance in mind. Confirm that your structure is performant, safe, cost effective, and meets planning requirements. By utilising Xi’s diagnostic, design and planning capabilities avoid expensive relocation and curtailment costs.

Our extensive experience in building and structural dynamics allows us to support your team in dealing with complex issues across both commercial and technical markets. Our engineers can help you to complete your project in a manner which is fit for purpose, compliant with relevant legislation and efficient in terms of time and resources.

Our work across the Energy, Industrial and Transportation sectors combined with our skills in the built environment, helps us to provide you with unique insight into not only the planning for your project, but also how to attain its optimum operation and lifetime. We are a multi-disciplinary team who will work collaboratively with you to get the best combination of skills to meet both your technical and commercial needs.

We recognise the importance of adhering to ASHARE criteria, as well as BSI and ISO standards, demonstrated by the fact that members of our team sit on the BSI panels for building vibration and the effects of vibrations on humans. Our deep understanding of these standards allows us to advise on the issues which affect architects, Environmental Impact Assessment and developers.

Acting as your project managers we can integrate ourselves fully into your team, collaborating to give you support on projects both at a technical and commercial level.

Whether it be at the Director level or working with your team on the ground, we have a proven track record of completing projects to the highest professional standards as dictated by BSI, ISO architects and developers.

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