Whilst noise and vibration are inherent to the environment of petrochemical installations, excessive levels of either can be detrimental to a person’s health and safety, and the reliability and efficiency of machinery. Maintaining satisfactory vibration levels is therefore not only desirable but vital for running a sustainable and viable site.

The complexity and interactions of the many vibration sources which are typically found on an installation provide challenges and establishing the root cause of a vibration may be difficult.  By applying Xi’s extensive range of techniques in measurement and modelling, it is possible to assess and determine the core issues, allowing solution approaches to be designed, which can minimise the exposure to noise and vibration.

Xi work both at onshore and offshore facilities and, as well as diagnosing and resolving issues, can assist with establishing condition monitoring routines, or resolving challenges identified from existing monitoring routes.  For each project, Xi assesses client’s vibration concerns on the specific project’s merits. Utilising any or all of Xi’s core measurement and modelling skills Xi can be relied upon to provide understanding and resolution.

By working with Xi you can not only de-risk issues that arise, but improve efficiency and production through lifetime extension and retro-fittable solutions.