Add value to consumer products through virtual prototyping

Through simulation and design optimisation the team at Xi can assist clients in reducing prototyping costs and accelerate time to market.

Our team of engineers possess the knowledge and expertise required to provide you with support through all stages of the development cycle, all the way through to taking your consumer product to market.

We have a proven track record of reducing a product’s time to market and minimising the risk of technical failure.

In addition to these services, our team can provide independent verification, where our expert opinion can benefit your due diligence process.

By integrating our expertise within your team and working with your specialists to encapsulate the concept of your design, we can help you to rapidly realise value and optimise the technical capabilities of your product.

Typically, our team would begin the process by familiarising ourselves with your work and setting out the scope for potential future work.  This allows our clients to see the benefit of working with us while keeping costs low and phased.  We believe that setting solid foundations for project work is essential for rigorously pushing the boundaries of technology.

We have a multiskilled team that we can rapidly deploy to meet and accelerate your development process.  To do this with the utmost confidentiality, we establish non-disclosure agreements and ensure that your IP is protected. As soon as you are happy with releasing your data to us, we are ready to start work.

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