Providing innovative solutions to the audio market - vibration, stress and thermal acoustic losses in a headphone speaker.

Audio products have become intrinsically complicated and customers increasingly expect the highest quality for minimal price. Xi’s clients often want to improve performance, whether it be through the sound quality of speakers, the frequency response or through minimising distortion and vibration. Improving audio performance requires an understanding of the dynamic system that involves vibration, acoustics, electromagnetic, fluid dynamics and their extremely complex interdependence.

Xi can provide expert advice, measurement and modelling which ensures that products meet the high standards and quality that consumers expect.  Through performing measurements, Xi’s team of engineers are able to identify the problem and its impact on the product. Simulation and mathematical modelling of the product can then be carried out. Using cutting-edge software such as COMSOL Multiphysics, MATLAB and Solidworks, Xi is able to offer clients solutions to a wide range of problems. Through simulation, we can design, optimize and study any physical product helping us to identify the nature and dynamics of specific problems. The use of simulation reduces the traditional time-consuming techniques of trialling a range of physical prototypes by using the model as a virtual test bed. These results can then be verified with acoustic and vibration measurements to ensure the finest quality of work.

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