Flexible R & D

Overcome time and accuracy barriers to project completion by accelerating timelines by outsourcing to Xi.
Get the advantage of having a team of experts on hand whilst keeping overheads low.  We are able to widen the capacity of your existing team.
We assist in taking concepts, designs and prototype and work collaboratively with your team to make them technically and commercially viable.

We take the time to careful consider your design, integrate ourselves with your team in order to be able to effectively accelerate your design.  We consider factors such as, materials, design optimisation, style, design for manufacture, planning application compliance, lifetime optimisation and fatigue.

We will guide you through the development of your concept using a phased approach to keep the scope clear and concise, this can be used to create a virtual prototype which can be used and built upon throughout the lifetime of the project.

We are able to use our further measurement skills to validate and then hone the virtual prototype to make recommendations for optimisations.

In the final stages of design, we can help you to make astute technical and commercial refinements.  We can then guide you through final manufacturing tweaks.

If necessary, we can help you to monitor the performance of your product in the market.

The value of Xi, is that we can then go into dormancy until your next product lifecycle commences.  We are able to expand and contract with our needs.

We can help you to explore design variations follow proof of concept using our expert measurement and simulation skills.  Following this we are able to work collaboratively with your team to test the robustness of your design. Our simulations can be used to refine your project to design for manufacture, we can help to shortlist which materials can be both technically and commercially robust.