Xi has helped a wide variety of wind clients to successfully overcome barriers which can slow the progression of the projects of any scale in the wind sector

The energy generated from wind turbines is a significant power source in the renewables industry. With ever evolving legislation, investment and advancement of technologies, agility has become key in navigating the landscape of the wind sector. Xi have been engaged by a variety of stakeholders in the sector including wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers, O&M, regulatory bodies and residential communities.

Xi provide a wind range of engineering services to the wind sector, including:

  • Acoustic measurement and assessment in accordance with ISO 61400.
  • Seismic ground vibration measurements and modelling to determine the impact of wind turbine vibrations on ultra-sensitive scientific equipment such as seismic stations used for nuclear testing monitoring, gravitational wave detectors and astronomical observatories.
  • Tonal and broadband noise mitigation solutions that reduce the acoustic impact of wind turbines on neighbouring communities.
  • Drivetrain design support including finite element analysis of fatigue risk.
  • Lifetime extension analysis based on the fatigue life of towers and foundations.
  • Generator design support including finite element modelling of electromagnetic and structural interactions.
  • Underwater noise modelling associated with the installation and operation of offshore wind turbines and its impact on the marine environment.
  • Expert witness testimony related to noise and vibration from wind turbines at public inquiries.