Factory Assemblies

Machinery is susceptible to vibration-induced stress, which can lead to fatigue and breakage. Xi Engineering's expertise allows measurements to be taken in a non-destructive manner allowing problem areas to be identified and design changes recommended, resulting in increased machinery lifetime.

Xi Engineering specialises in advanced diagnostic and modelling services to help clients minimise the risk of noise and vibration problems occurring in the first place and to address them when they do arise. The Xi team’s core competency is providing clients, across a wide variety of industries, with solutions to complex and difficult dynamic engineering challenges. This goes well beyond measurement and analysis to provide cost-effective mitigation options using specialist analysis and modelling techniques.

Assembly lines and other types of automated factory machinery help manufacturing to respond quickly to the shorter lead times expected by consumers.  More demand on existing machines, better design of new generations and sequencing optimisation can significantly affect productivity levels.  Xi’s experience in simulating complex systems, which are validated by real-world data, informs decisions about risk, improvements and investments.

Fatigue and lifetime assessments

Improving the lifetime of existing machinery can give manufacturers an unexpected advantage in production levels. However, these need to be weighed against the potential advantages investments in new assembly machinery could make.  Xi can help to calculate the long-term effects of use on a client’s assets.


Automation is pushing manufacturing production to new levels.  Robots are playing a key role in this transformation of the sector.  Xi can help you to design for robots in your assembly systems and how they will fit with the structures within which they function.

Synchronised assemblies (swarms)

Plants are increasingly not just relying on single stand-alone machines or robots but on interconnected devices that work around and with one another. These systems, whilst more complex, provide an opportunity in the data collected.  Xi’s capability in processing large datasets places the team well to analyse and draw valuable data from the large amounts of information produced by such activity.