Sensitive Machinery

The performance of sensitive equipment is defined by the vibration to which it is exposed.  For equipment and processes such as scanning electron microscopes, telescopes, wafer fabrication facilities, and gravitational wave detectors, low vibration is critical.

International, British and ASHRAE standards define vibration levels for different classes of specialist and scientific equipment.  Xi Engineering have highly sensitive equipment for monitoring vibration levels of such facilities and can even simulate the behaviour of structures and foundations.

Previously, the Xi Engineering team were voted Semiconductor Outsource Company of the Year for provision of vibration solutions to the industry. This included providing support in the layout and design of structural fabrication plants to monitoring vibrations and designing components for silicon wafer handling and precision wire bonding equipment.

Sensitive equipment covers a wide domain and Xi have assisted clients in a variety of fields including observatories, optics, bio and chemical labs, neonatal care, measurement equipment and Antarctic exploration.

Using dynamic modelling and analysis, Xi will design the most efficient and cost effective solutions with the least disruption to operations. Having successfully minimised vibration in a variety of high-specification and scientific applications, Xi’s services include:

  • Laboratory foundation design
  • Fabrication floor analysis
  • Isolation platform design
  • Machine mounting optimisation
  • Medical Facilities, Hospitals and Operating Theatres
  • Equipment transportation
  • Precision manufacturing equipment
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Dynamic modelling
  • Vibration solutions