Delivering pioneering solutions for the transportation industry

The continuous growth of the transportation industry has major environmental, technical and commercial impacts which Xi can help you to consider

Our team have the capability and knowledge to help ensure your product is technically the best that it can be.  Our skilled team has experience of working across a variety of sectors, allowing us to identify streamlined design, diagnostic, and solution methods.  With experience of smart materials and working at the interface of humans and industry we have a robust understanding of the health and safety factors that should be considered in the transportation industry. We have a passion for things that run fast and smooth!

Our in-depth knowledge of advanced control systems and Multiphysics allows us to help our clients improve efficiencies, extend product lifetimes, reduce risk, obtain planning, confirm proof of concept and more.

Our technical drive and knowledge forms the solid foundations upon which we can work collaboratively to accelerate your timelines.  We realise the importance of confidentiality and the need for quick solutions, therefore as soon as robust NDAs have been put in place, we can integrate with your team to thoroughly understand your needs and define outcomes to ensure a fit for purpose and cost-effective solution.

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