Device Modelling, Simulation & Vibration Analysis

Xi Engineering

The marine sector is inherently populated by pioneering technologies and innovative device designs there is minimal track record or experience upon which to evaluate the robustness and reliability of a marine renewable device.

Holistic modelling, simulation and analysis is the most cost-effective method of prediction and identifying engineering issues as early in the design life as possible. This paper will summarise the methods by which Xi Engineering Consultants have modelled and analysed a tidal stream device in order to determine vibration throughout operational conditions. The objective of this is to highlight fatigue concerns, predict maintenance cycles, and implement appropriate early in the development.

The marine renewables sector is innovative, embryonic demanding. Whilst harnessing the power of the sea has always been a conceptual challenge, the drive to commercial power generation has driven technological, economic and political development. From shore-based oscillating water columns, to offshore wave devices, to sea-bed mounted tidal stream turbines – there have been significant engineering advances and financial investment.