Eskdalemuir – Seismic vibration produced by wind turbines in the Eskdalemuir region (Official Report Download)

Xi Engineering

Release 2.0 of Substantial Research Project presented to FMB. Issue date 25/04/2014

The report below has been prepared by Xi Engineering Consultants Ltd with full cooperation and significant input from the Ministry of Defence. It has been prepared on behalf of, and under the guidance of, the Eskdalemuir Working Group, whose members are the Scottish Government (chair), the Ministry of Defence, UK Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change, Renewable UK, Scottish Renewables and the Aviation Investment Fund Company Ltd. Click at the link below to download the full report.

Xi Engineering Consultants Ltd has conducted a substantial analysis of the mechanisms and underlying physics of wind turbine seismic vibration propagation in line with the ‘Eskdalemuir Working Group agreed scope for the substantial research Stage One – dated 16 August 2013’. The aim of this research is to re-examine the Styles Model which is used by the Ministry of Defence to safeguard the detection capabilities of the Eskdalemuir seismic array with respect to seismic vibration produced by wind turbines.