Scottish Government Draft Energy Policy

Xi Engineering

The Scottish Government currently have a consultation out on their draft energy Strategy which was published earlier this year. Responses to the consultation are requested by the 30th May 2017.

The Energy strategy is for the period to 2050. Alongside the draft strategy the Government is consulting additional documents:

These consultations provide focus on specific areas of the energy system and complement the consultation on the draft Energy Strategy.

Xi Engineering actively work in the energy sector assisting clients with their crucial projects and developments. Our work on Eskdalemuir is specifically referenced in the draft Onshore wind Policy statement and we would ask you to contact us and raise any points you have regarding the document.

The project Xi delivered for the Eskdalemuir Working Group (EWG) opened up over 1GW of on shore wind potential.  The EWG comprised of  Scottish Government, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and wind farm developers. The project was hailed a great success for all involved and the algorithm developed by Xi and the AWE team is used by the MOD to safeguard the seismic array.

With Onshore wind playing a significant role in the Energy strategy the exclusion zone for the Eskdalemuir seismic Array  is to be revived. The government wish to optimise the potential generation from the region. So if you are a developer, landowner, or seismologist then get involved and have your say.