Technical and commercial expertise

Why use an Expert Witness?

We have experience of working with a diverse range of stakeholders, including the government, Ministry of Defence, local authorities as well as corporate clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly mobilise and stand by our science confidently and will do that in a court of law.

Client Benefits

Advice and support regarding noise and vibration conflicts
Significant project de-risking
Confirm proofs of concept
Professional engineering guidance

Your Expert Witness

We can provide due diligence in both investment and legal scenarios and have helped clients to prove their technology readiness stage, secure investment, and come to legal agreements. Furthermore, we can help our clients use this information to appropriately and sensitively position themselves within their market to identify their technical risks.

We have experience of working confidentially with our clients and have helped them to navigate the relevant standards and legislation. We set up the appropriate transfer of information for assessment prior to suitable action being taken. We are a group of professional scientific experts and will present robustly researched data. The science is the science, the real value in working with Xi is that we can, if appropriate, help you to use that information to help you to assist in strategic decision making for the next steps in your project. We can help you to provide solid evidence to show how your technology performs, which can be useful in planning, legal, investment and commercial settings.

As we are effective science communicators, we are able to succinctly and clearly disseminate technical information to your non-technical and commercial stakeholders. This straight forward approach can be particularly useful in intra-company communications and for getting in company buy in for a development.
We understand the importance of confidentiality and the treatment of sensitive information. Prior to commencing work, we will put robust NDAs in place. Once these and any other confidentiality contracts have been established, our team of experts will quickly be able to collaborate with your team to get the project started. This usually includes a document review, time with your team, independent analysis, and if appropriate on-site measurements and observations, followed by a report either to you or your stakeholders.

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