Development and the environment

Why plan for environmental impact?

We help our clients through all phases of planning projects. From project design through to planning sign-off and consent, our team are well equipped to be able to assist you. We are able to independently verify schemes, which can help to move your project forward. Xi’s unique combination of technical abilities and commercial acumen can help you to navigate the planning process. We are commercially astute and can help you to optimise designs to ensure your project is a success. Should you be in a position where you are faced with legal proceedings for your project our team is experienced in both being called up as expert witnesses and testifying in public inquiries.

Client Benefits

Satisfy planning requirements
Reduce the negative impacts of developments on the environment
Meet standards
Reduce noise and vibration pollution

Mitigating negative environmental impacts

Our broad skill set will help you to swiftly progress your project through the planning process. Our simulation team are able to test out a variety of scenarios which can identify the most technically and commercially beneficial design for your project. Our measurement team will help to validate the parameters which will affect your project. We have the ability to place your technology in a simulated environment and not only test its viability within planning restrictions, but also measure that against its performance to ensure you put forward the most viable design.
We are commonly brought in to overcome technical challenges whilst still being compliant.
Our considered and responsive process can help you to quickly navigate the planning lifecycle. Although we are happy to help at any stage of the planning process, the earlier we are involved the more effective we can be.

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