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Why use an R&D Partner?

Our pioneering R&D team can help design, develop, accelerate and confirm your next product. We can provide full project support and help you through the development cycle all the way to taking your product to market. Our team is flexible and enjoys taking on challenging and innovative projects.

Client Benefits

Improved Performance
Optimised Design
Fewer Prototypes
Reduced Project Timeline

Your R & D Partner

We can partner with you in several different ways. Acting as your external R&D team, allowing you to utilise our technical team without the operating costs of having this expertise in house. You can have a highly skilled team on hand during the relevant stages of your product lifecycle, when you need it most.
We can help to build expertise within your team, by partnering with us through your first project, we can help to set up the systems, programmes, and infrastructure needed to start to develop your own inhouse team of internal experts. We will provide training and be on hand to give support as you and your team eventually take ownership of your own group of experts and projects.

We can help reduce risk – we can provide independent verification of your project, which will help you to secure, funding, stakeholder support and cost reduction when designing for optimisation or manufacture.

In order to ensure your project is treated with the utmost confidentiality, we would first put robust NDAs in place. Once agreed, our team would integrate with yours to fully understand your needs. Following this, the team will continue to collaborate with your team from concept to conclusion. As R&D projects are by their very nature variable, give our team a ring to confidentially and informally chat through how we could help you to accelerate and de-risk your project.

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