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The availability of vast computing power is accelerating technical development at an unprecedented rate. By harnessing this capability and deploying advanced simulation techniques, your organisation can become a market leader in your field.

For decades, Xi has been working at the forefront of the world of simulation. Globally recognised for our expertise in this arena, we work with leading technology companies in a wide variety of markets. Using digital engineering tools, Xi continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible through Multiphysics to solve all kinds of complex engineering challenges.

By validating our sophisticated models with real world data, we can provide a risk-free environment in which you can improve and optimise your product.

Our simulations accurately represent how your system will function in the real world, providing a robust test bed for a wide range of scenarios. This approach accelerates your design process, reduces your time to market and minimises technical risk.

Working with Xi gives you immediate access to our expert simulation capabilities. We work as part of your R&D department, negating the need to upskill your own team. However, depending on your growth plans, we can also provide the training to develop this expertise in-house.

We work at every scale: at material level; from MEMS scale up to immense energy generating devices and systems. Our team adapts to your needs, working alongside your technical team to fully understand your design and make informed recommendations for next steps on your project. We take great pride in delivering the very best custom solutions and software to our clients.

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