Acoustic Measurement and Analysis

Xi Engineering Consultants can help our clients in the medical industry by providing expert advice, measurement campaigns and simulation solutions.

Xi Engineering have experience in a variety of complex problems, ranging from machinery malfunctioning to research and development guidance on devices like cochlear implants. The expert team of acousticians can also perform monitoring campaigns in health-related issues such as noise at work and in residential properties.

Within the hospital or care environment managing noise has even greater importance than in an industrial or commercial site.  Moving patients and residents can be problematic so it is important to take particular care to planning potentially noisy or disruptive work. In order to perform measurements and simulations, the best measurement and analysis tools in the market are used. These range from traditional measurement instruments like sound level meters to more complex tools like dosemeters and HAVmeters. These instruments are precise enough to detect even the most intricate of problems. In addition to this instrumentation, our analysis tools are also cutting-edge technology. Using software packages such as COMSOL Multiphysics, NoiseMap and Matlab, means assuring clients that every result is precise and informative, allowing resolution of each problem.