Acoustic Measurement and Modelling

Noise can have a negative impact on nearby people and the environment. It is therefore crucial that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with regards to acoustics is completed during the planning and design phase for new construction projects.

Xi offer acoustic EIA services, through background acoustic assessments and predictive acoustic modelling using software such as NoiseMap. Xi have produced and reviewed Environmental Statement (ES) and EIA chapters for acoustics for projects throughout the UK. The team are often approached by developers for wind turbine farms and have also performed underwater acoustic EIA’s for subsea construction planning.

As well as EIA surveys, Xi Engineering also complete architectural acoustic assessments as part of the building design team and for completions testing. Xi have assisted clients on a range of projects, such as the acoustic design of animal enclosures for acoustically sensitive mammals all the way through to large spaces for improving speech intelligibility.  For completions testing, Xi have used NR and NC curve analysis for rating background noise in rooms as well as full acoustic assessment of wall partitions in line with Building Regulations for England and the UK.

The standards used in our acoustic assessments are: BS 4142, BS 5228, BS 7172, BS 140, BS 717, BS ETSU-R-97, IEC 61400-11, BS 140, BS 717.