Acoustic Measurement

The variety of dynamic machinery systems used in complex industrial installations make noise and vibration a fact of life for these structures. Any resultant problems can be serious and lead to costly plant degradation or even structural failure as well as health and safety issues.

The integrity and reliability of engineering systems are particularly important within the energy sector. As a leading expert in noise and vibration, Xi Engineering can assist in the identification and mitigation of acoustic problems across this sector and have extensive experience in working in renewable energy, with capabilities in oil and gas as well as wind, tidal, hydro and nuclear energy.  An example of Xi’s extensive experience in these fields includes carrying out projects to identify acoustic problems in wind turbines with the team having the proficiency to perform acoustic assessments such as IEC61400 and ETSU R97. In the event that noise levels breach regulatory levels, Xi can help identify, install and validate noise mitigation solutions. Xi’s expertise in renewables goes beyond this further with the team having undertaken projects involving tidal and wave energy generation sites.

Although the main cause for concern when working on the nuclear, oil and gas sectors is vibration, Xi can also assist in identifying and developing procedures to mitigate problems with noise emissions from machinery and the working environment. This involves assessing the machines acoustic quality to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the employees.)

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