Acoustic Measurement Equipment

Xi Engineering Consultant's team of acoustic specialists are trained in giving sound advice on noise related issues.

Xi Engineering put high value on understanding their client’s needs and concerns. To perform noise measurements Xi use:

  • Sound Level Meters: classic measurement equipment (microphone)
  • Acoustic Camera: lets you visualise sound. Useful for sound localization. More info in (link)
  • Dome Microphone: used for wind turbine measurements
  • Song Meter SM4BAT: ultrasonic sound level meter (up to 240 KHz)
  • Tapping Machines: Used for building acoustic measurements (transmission).
  • Dodecahedron Speaker: Used for building acoustic measurements.
  • Dosemeters

Measurements are post-processed in house with bespoke software coded in Matlab for relevant standards and codes of practise including BS8233, BB93, BS4142, PPG24, CRTN, CRN, DMRB, Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.  Xi have extensive experience of liaising with Local Authorities and developers on planning, EIA, implementation and installation of sound insulating measures in accordance with the Noise Insulation Regulations, Part 1 claims under the Land Compensation Act, construction noise, windfarms, schools, hospitals and offices to name but a few. We also provide advice on mitigation solutions and can provide advice on acoustic specification for compliance with Local Authority or other requirements.

The first stage in tackling a noise is to establish its precise nature, attributes, and what its source is. Through measurement with appropriate transducers these characteristics can be defined allowing the issue to be targeted directly.

Tackling noise without first characterising it can be a hit or miss case of trial and error. Is it best to tackle the noise at source? Or is it best to isolate parts of the system? Can mass be added and if so to where? Will introducing stiffening reduce or increase the noise? Xi can efficiently resolve these questions providing a clear path to noise mitigation and solutions.