Acoustic Measurement, Modelling and Design

Xi Engineering Consultants have years of experience within this field and can assist at various levels of design and planning.  We can also monitor noise emission to ensure our clients that the noise level emitted do not breach health and safety standards.

In terms of planning regulations, Xi not only assist the design process by measurement but can also create predictive models that will indicate the likelihood of a negative impact to an incredible degree of accuracy. To do so, our modelling team is expert in software such as COMSOL Multiphysics and NoiseMap and uses these tools to predict the impact of noise, and to implement new ideas that will ensure that when it comes to construction and final development of a site there are no unwanted acoustic surprises. This type of approach is cost effective as it optimises acoustic design and minimises the risk that noise mitigation will be required after the competition of the build.

Further along in the process, or for already constructed sites, Xi can undertake various acoustic surveys following standards such as ETSU-97, BS 5228, BS 8233 or BB93. These studies will be then highly scrutinized to make sure our clients receive clear and concise information of the nature and impact of the noise emitted.