Environmental Impact Assessment

Understand how any new development will interact with the environment and how the existing environment will affect the new development

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) are a common requirement within the energy sector and are standard for structures such as wind turbines and power plants.  It is therefore important to understand how any new development will interact with the environment or vice versa, how the existing environment will affect the new development. Consideration should be made to noise and vibration during operational times and during the construction or dismantling stages.

In the designing and planning stages, Xi can be of assistance by creating predictive models of noise and vibration propagation. Moreover, if other more complex models are required, Xi can also assist with this process. This is because the team at Xi have a dedicated team of mathematical modellers whose range of expertise include modelling software such as COMSOL, MATLAB or NoiseMap to name a few.

For sites which are already operating, Xi can undertake noise and vibration surveys which will determine the impact on the surrounding environment. To perform these measurements, the Xi team, will provide the best quality equipment in the market. This includes class A sound level meters as well as high quality accelerometers and geophones.  More specific equipment can also be used since Xi’s team of experts are trained in more complex instruments such as acoustic cameras and Modal Amplification Cameras. These instruments allow data to be captured with an incredible degree of resolution and accuracy. With these measurements, Xi will be able to identify the cause of this problem and will also be able to deliver a concise and clear approach on the best methods to mitigate these problems. Our engineering team has years of experience and has assisted in measurements following standards like ETSU-97, BS4142, BS5228 or ISO 9613.